Members filling temporary supervisor positions

December 4th 2003

C. D. Carroll
Service Area Manager
Southern Ontario Service Area


This is in regard to United Transportation Union members filling temporary supervisor positions under the provisions of Collective Agreement article 37, Clause (i) union security.

Given the unpredictable nature of the company’s requirements and the effect it has on the creating and closing vacancies within the bargaining unit; it is understood that these positions will be considered temporary vacancies. Further, the bargaining unit position temporally vacated will be considered known vacancies immediately.

It is understood that these supervisory positions are scheduled monthly and the company agrees to provide the responsible Local Chairperson with this schedule monthly.

The application of this local arrangement will be as follows:

Members filling vacancies as a temporary supervisor are prohibited from returning to their bargaining unit position until they are no longer required as a supervisor. Employees so placed are not authorized to return to their bargaining unit position on their regularly scheduled supervisory days off. Exceptions will be made to this restriction only when necessary to permit employees to fill vacancies during times of crew shortage. In the application of this exception, employees so released will be placed at the bottom of all decision tables for extra work requirements.

Employees filling extra work requirements are reminded that the restrictions of the Work/Rest Rules apply. Any time worked as a supervisor prior to returning to a running trade position will be counted, when applicable, towards mandatory time off duty in the class of service returned to.

It is understood that this agreement is entered in to without precedent or prejudice, and is subject to cancellation upon 30 days written notification being provided by either party.


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Greg Banton
Local Chairperson (Yards)
United Transportation Union
Local 416
C. D. Carroll
Service Area Manager
Canadian Pacific Railway
Southern Ontario Service Area