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Published: May 26th 2012
TCRC 295


Our visit to Union Station was a great success...

Brothers & Sisters,

Please take the time today to congratulate yourselves. Our visit to Union Station was a great success. Watching everyone standing together was an impressive sight.

CP rail started this fight and we are bringing it to them.

Managers have been operating the hump at Toronto yard under the direction of the superintendent of yards, any injuries will be his responsibility a very large risk to make a small point.

Yards have been closing all over the Toronto area; our picket lines have been very effective.

The company would rather divert traffic to its competitor Canadian National than negotiate a fair deal with us.

We are standing strong. Our negotiation committee has seen our efforts and they are grateful.

Yours Truly,

Richard Moffat
President Division 295
Teamsters Rail Conference

Pictures from the picket line...

This is the time, we must stand together!


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