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Have you been forced to be on duty over 10, 11 or 12? If so we need to know why.
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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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295 Meetings
The next meeting of Division 295 will be held on March 14th at 19:00.

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Your contribution is crucial!

The TCRC is attempting to address the ongoing problem of inaccurate line-ups. The first step in addressing this important issue is to document it. If we have any hope of improving the line-ups we need to demonstrate to Transport Canada and the Railways that the problem is not isolated to one location but many, that as a result of this problem, employees are regularly required to work improperly rested, and that it is a common occurrence to see extreme variations in train line-up times. To that end we request that you take a few minutes to fill out the form below any time you are affected by an inaccurate line-up.

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Fill out the form online below:

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