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Published: August 21st 2012
Kent S. Cook - Manager Audit - CMC 


Code ”TO04” – Engineers Claiming 166 Fixed Miles on the Mactier

CMC 226-12                                           August 21, 2012


SSubject: Abeyance Code ”TO04” – ENGINEERS Claiming 166 Fixed Miles on the Mactier Subdivision

Please be advised that the abeyance code "TO04” has been assigned to the issue of certain trains operating on the Mactier Sub now originating and terminating in Vaughn rather than Toronto. The Engineers are being paid a non-fixed, dual-method-of-pay ticket rather than a fixed ticket of 166 miles.

It is the Company's position that these Engineers are being compensated correctly for the work performed.

It should be noted, however, that this interpretation is currently in dispute and the Company has agreed to hold "IP" claims of this nature in abeyance until the matter is resolved. Until a final
ruling is made regarding your claim(s), it will be held at the CMC Calgary in a basket called ABEYANCE and can be viewed in your timeslip inquiry.

Please note that Engineers submitting IP claims for this reason must submit on a Screen 12 stand- alone wage claim with the same start date and time as the trip they are claiming.

The mileage amount to include on the IP claim must be calculated as follows:

166 miles
bullet minus any D1 or D2 miles,
bullet minus run miles,
bullet minus final time miles,
bullet minus initial time miles,

The resulting miles is what the claim amount should be on the IP claim submitted.

The IP must also include the information in the remarks field:

“Claiming fixed miles for train (train symbol) on the Mactier Sub.
Hold in Abeyance TO04”.

Once the issue has been resolved, a bulletin will be issued advising of the outcome.

Kent S. Cook
Manager Audit - CMC

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