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WNY&P shortline workers say YES to BLET
Published: November 21st 2008
Source: BLET
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Train and engine service employees at the Western New York & Pennsylvania (WNY&P) Railroad have voted overwhelmingly to join the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.

The National Mediation Board certified the election results on November 17. BLET First Vice President Paul Sorrow said the union is anxious to begin negotiations with management of the roughly 110-mile short line.

"Our goal is to get off on the right foot and begin positive negotiations with management as quickly as possible," Sorrow said. "A good union contract will demonstrate to the WNY&P workers that they made the right decision by saying 'yes' to the BLET and Teamsters. Also, thanks to Tommy Miller for a job well done."

Miller, the BLET's Director of Organizing, thanked all WNY&P workers for attending the BLET's informational meetings during the six-week organizing campaign. He also thanked New York Susquehanna & Western General Chairman Ben Martin for his expertise and assistance throughout.

"Following the organizing campaign, work now begins on negotiating a fair and equitable union contract to give workers the protection and respect they deserve," Miller said.

The WNY&P operates roughly 110-miles of track, running east and west between Hornell, N.Y., and Rouseville, Pa., and north and south from Olean, N.Y. to Driftwood, Pa., and from Olean to Machias, N.Y.

The railroad has daily coal train runs and mixed-use service runs between Meadville and Olean, N.Y. Other local businesses served include Dad's Pet Products, Meadville Metals, Universal Well Services, Lord Corp., and Erie Plastics.

WNY&P interchanges with CP Rail, Norfolk Southern, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, New York & Lake Erie, and the Oil Creek & Titusville Lines.

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