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Subject: Home Terminal Rest – Toronto: June 8th, 2009

Attention: Toronto RTEs:

Since the introduction of the pilot program for the Home Terminal (HT) rest enhancement, a manual CMA intervention has been required each time an RTE has booked Home Terminal (HT) rest. This is based on the local board placement rule which specifies the use of home on duty time.

Currently, upon your return to the home terminal and the booking of 24 hours rest (home terminal rest), your turn will stay at the bottom of the board until the expiration of your booked rest. Upon expiration of your HT rest, your turn will move up the board.

Please be aware of the following change HT Rest that will be effective at 2359 on Monday, June 8th:

If you have chosen to book HT rest, you must call the CMC within 2 (two) hours of the time of your rest’s expiry to have your turn repositioned on the board.

Note: this repositioning instruction applies only to those who have come back to the Home Terminal and have booked HT Rest (24’00”).

What this means if you have booked Home Terminal rest:

If you have booked HT rest, and wish to be repositioned, you must contact the CD within two (2) hours of the expiration of your rest, and ask to be repositioned behind the last person in your pool at Toronto.

Important: You have two (2) hours from the expiry time of your HT rest to call in and reposition. If you do not call in to reposition within the two (2) hour window, this will mean that your turn will remain where it is, and you may see your position get bumped back as other people return to the pool. Even though your position may be toward the bottom, you still may be the first available in the pool to be called, if the people ahead of you have booked rest (up to 23’59”).

In summary: In order to establish system consistency, this adjustment to HT rest will be in effect for all pools and locations which use home on duty time for the purposes of board placement. These pools are: North Pool (both crafts), South Pool (Engineers only) and Run-Through Pool (both crafts) in Toronto. If you have booked HT (24’00) rest, and wish to be repositioned, you must call the CMC within two (2) hours of your HT rest expiry time.

Thank you,
CMC Management
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