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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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Published: December 18th 2009
Source: by Brian Lemkay -
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What is the big topic of MacTier and area? Why we made the TV news. Global, the Weather Network, etcetera. Why did we make the news? We experienced two and a half days of steady snow coming down. About 80 to 90 centimetres in total.

Some of us can walk right onto our roof now, our roads are now very narrow with high banks, and the biggest industry now is snow removal from roofs and driveways. Parking in town areas is very scarce and our main street was a complete mess for three days but is now straightened out. Our roads also for those days were terrible, but now back to near normal.

I have lived in MacTier all my life, have seen lots of snow over a complete winter, but have never seen the likes of this over three days. Donít wander out into the bush walking off trail, you could be stranded right up to your waist.

Despite the terrible weather, the MacTier Public School Christmas concert times was a great success. The students put on a good evening for the packed house in attendance. This was on Monday, Dec. 14 in the gymnasium. Very well done students and teachers, congratulations.

Again, despite very hard times to get around in the snow, the MacTier Foots Bay United Church Christmas bazaar and lunch was well attended on Sunday, Dec. 13. They would like to thank all for making it a success.

Itís been a long time since I've seen the Canadian Pacific Railwayís snow spreader being used in the yard, but it was certainly needed over the past few days. It moved one heck of a pile of snow and now rail traffic is back to normal. By the way the CN Rail snow plow was seen across Lake Stewart from town doing the same thing on that main line too.

Outside Christmas lights of many houses in MacTier are quite attractive. Usually there is a competition in town for best setup or show, but I havenít heard of any judges or groups holding such a thing this year.

Again, may I stress, the ride program is out in full force, donít drink and drive anytime. To all have a great week.

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