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295 Meetings
The next meeting of Division 295 will be held on March 14th at 19:00.

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Votes were counted for the positions of Local Chairman LE and Vice Local Chairmen LE at the December 9th Division meeting. All other positions were filled by acclamation. Congratulations to the new and re-elected representatives.

The following are the results of Division elections:

bullet President
Richard Moffat - Acclaimed
bullet Vice President
Mike McKenzie - Acclaimed
bullet Secretary Treasurer
Scott Swanson - Acclaimed
bullet Alternate Secretary Treasurer
Jaqui Chin - Acclaimed



bullet Legislative Representative
Craig Watt - Acclaimed
bullet Alternate Legislative Representative CTY
Gary Nelson - Acclaimed
bullet Alternate Legislative Representative LE
Richard Moffat - Acclaimed


Protective CTY Yard:

bullet Local Chairman
Scott Haggerty - Acclaimed
bullet Vice Local Chairmen
Jason Diggles - Acclaimed
Dave Zanon - Acclaimed


Protective CTY Road:

bullet Local Chairman
Ed Mogus - Acclaimed

Vice Local Chairmen
Tony Derose - Acclaimed
Allen Butterworth - Acclaimed


Protective LE:

bullet Local Chairman
John Campbell - 53 Votes - Elected
Paul Proudlock - 16 Votes
bullet Vice Local Chairmen
Pat MacDonald - 51 Votes - Elected
Scott Swanson - 48 Votes - Elected

Dave Desjardins - 17 - Votes



bullet Edward Ellis - Acclaimed
bullet Kurt Born - Acclaimed
bullet Greg Huges - Acclaimed
bullet Paul Bellis - Acclaimed



bullet Darin Radford - Acclaimed



bullet CTY
Greg Banton - Acclaimed
bullet LE
John Campbell - Acclaimed
1st Alternate - Craig Watt - Acclaimed
2nd Alternate - Paul Proudlock Acclaimed
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Division 295 - Teamsters Canada Rail Conference - 2016