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Have you been forced to be on duty over 10, 11 or 12? If so we need to know why.
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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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295 Meetings
The next meeting of Division 295 will be held on March 14th at 19:00.

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Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Wants Your Support
Published: March 22, 2008
Source: Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

The first act of Saskatchewan’s new government was to introduce two union-busting pieces of legislation. Bills 5 and 6 will take away the right to strike of almost every public sector worker (even allowing the government to deem private sector workers as essential) and will allow employers to use threats and intimidation to communicate their opinions about unionizing and the business of the union.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and its affiliates have launched a public relations and mobilization campaign to have the Bills withdrawn. They ask that you join their campaign by following the link below and sending a protest message to the government of Saskatchewan:

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