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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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City Looking At Ways To Improve Union Station
Published: November 14, 2007
Source: Staff
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The city is looking for ways to make Union Station a more inviting place for commuters who use the transit hub every day, and they hope you'll help them come up with some ideas.

Mayor David Miller will be at the transit hub along with several city councillors for an open house Wednesday afternoon. They want suggestions on how to modernize and improve the landmark. As well, changes that have already been proposed will be on display for people to comment on.

Take a closer look at the city's Union Station "master plan."

As with everything else the city wants to do, cash is the big hurdle. Toronto needs to find financial partners to help in Union's revitalization. A controversial deal with a private consortium to reinvigorate the building fell through last year. Now it's looking at options including partnering with pension funds like the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and its real estate branch Cadillac Fairview, or possibly other levels of government. The Mayor insists however that the building won't be sold.

GO Transit, Via Rail and the TTC all operate out of Union Station. They may also come to the table with cash for making the commuter experience that much better.

Meanwhile, city councillor Bill Saundercook wants to make the space outside Union a bit easier for pedestrians and commuters, many of whom jaywalk across Front Street. Saundercook wants to make the area a priority zone for walkers and limit vehicle speeds to 20km/h in front of the station between Bay and York Sts.

The councillor has put his suggestion to the planning and growth committee for perusal.

Submit your ideas on how to revitalize Union Station here.

Union Station history

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