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Union Station aerial viewGO signals in line for $281M reno
Published: November 13, 2007
Source: Transport Canada
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TORONTO -- GO Transit has awarded a Union Station electrical and communications contract to Siemens Canada Limited, according to this release issued by Transport Canada.

The contract governs the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new state-of-the-art train control signals system for Union Station.

The current signaling system has been in operation since the 1920s.

Benefits for commuters include the potential for more trains in and out of Union Station, more reliable operation of trains at Union Station, improved communications and greater flexibility in train scheduling.

"Public transit is a priority for the Government of Canada," said the Honorable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. "This project is just another example of the types of investments the federal government is making to improve the safety and efficiency of transit systems within the GTA."

"GO Transit is an integral part of the transit system in the GTA, moving people efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way," said the Honorable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance. "The investment we are making today will help modernize the system and improve reliability for all passengers."

"This new signal system is long overdue," said Ontario Transportation Minister Jim Bradley. "As the new signaling is installed, GO commuters can expect fewer winter delays, speedier entries into stations, and more reliable service."

The initiative is part of the GO Transit Rail Improvement Program (GO TRIP), a billion-dollar expansion initiative funded by the governments of Canada and Ontario, and Greater Toronto Area municipalities, through the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF). The CSIF provides federal funding to large-scale transportation infrastructure projects of major national and regional significance.

"This is a major long-term project that will bring big benefits," said GO Transit Chairman Peter Smith. "The new signal system will go a long way toward allowing us to improve service reliability and add trains."

The contract, worth $280 million, is the largest contract in GO Transit's history. The Government of Canada will be contributing approximately $90 million towards the project, with the Province of Ontario contributing the remainder. Work on the design of the project is scheduled to begin in December 2007, and is expected to be complete in 2014.

For more information and updates on this project, call 647-258-2073, or visit GO Transit's website at


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