Nomination Meeting

TCRC Division 295 Toronto Quadrennial Nomination Meeting will take place during the regular monthly meeting September 8th, 2021 at 1100.

  • Any active member in good standing may nominate a member in good standing.

  • All nominations will require a seconder.

  • Members unable to attend the meeting may write in their choices of nominations to the Division Secretary-Treasurer to be read at the meeting.          

Sonja Dodd | | 647-818-4522   

Eligibility to Run: 
For craft specific positions you need to have seniority within that crafts and 24 months of continuous service. “Member in Continuous Good Standing” must comply with the requirement of active service and be current on monthly dues. Additionally, the timely payment of dues for each of the twenty-four months during the applicable period together with no interruptions in active service during that period. (Ability to stand for election)

Eligibility to Nominate:
You must be working within the craft in order to nominate or second someone in a craft specific position.
Craft Autonomy:

The payment of monthly dues in September will determine the craft status when nominating (August 30 crew change).  The payment of dues for the month in which the ballots are placed in the mail, will determine craft status when voting, ballots must be sent out by November 23, 2021 (minimum 15 days prior to the election which is on December 8th therefore November 1 crew change).

Positions Open to all Members
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary Treasurer
  • Alternate Secretary Treasurer
  • Chaplain
  • Trustees (3 Members)
  • Legislative Representative

Craft Specific Positions (must have seniority within the craft to be nominated – not necessary to be working in the craft at the time of nomination)

  • Delegate to the Rail Conference (1 CTY, 1 LE)
  • 1st Alternate Delegate to the Rail Conference (1 CTY, 1 LE)
  • 2nd Alternate Delegate to the Rail Conference (1 CTY, 1 LE)
  • Alternate Legislative Representative (1 CTY, 1 LE)
  • Local Chairman (1 CTY, 1 Yard, 1 LE)
  • Vice Local Chairman (2 CTY, 2 Yard, 2 LE)