Brothers and Sisters,

Please submit nominations for the following positions at the local division meeting via Google Meet at 11:00am on January 10 th, 2023.

Members do not have to be present in order submit a nomination for vacant positions, if you are unable to attend please send nominations to or in person to the Division Secretary Sonja Dodd, to be read aloud at the meeting in your absence.

Position Vacancies
  • Vice President

a) No member shall be nominated, elected or serve as an officer in any division who is not in good standing, or who is in arrears for dues and assessments.

b) Only members who do not hold membership in any other labour organization which purports to represent railway workers and meet the requirements of active membership as defined in Section 25(b) – TCRC Division Rules may be elected delegate or alternate delegate to the Rail Conference, general chairman of the GCA, local chairman or member of the local committee of adjustment, or legislative representative or delegate to the provincial legislative board.

c) The president, and vice president shall not be elected to or hold the office of secretary-treasurer, local chairman or member of the local committee of adjustment.

All those holding active membership (Section 25(b) – TCRC Division Rules), except those holding official positions on a railway, will be entitled to nominate and vote for all offices in the division. However, members will not nominate or vote for officers not entitled to represent them.