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Crew Information application now in RailTown (RIA) Quick Links
Published: May 5, 2008
Source: Canadian Pacific

NMC 014-08

Attention: All Running Trades employees

Subject: Crew Information application now in RailTown (RIA) Quick Links

In an effort to improve access to the Crew Information application in RailTown through Remote Internet Access (RIA), the Quick Links feature in RailTown (RIA) has been updated. You can now access the Crew Information application using the Quick Links drop down feature.

RailTown (RIA) is the secure corporate web portal of access for running trades employees.

Effective May 28, 2008 the unsecured link to the Crew Information website will be no longer be accessible.

Employees will be able to gain secured access to the Crew Information application through the Company’s RailTown (RIA) site that was provided to employees on February 8, 2007.

The unsecured link to the Crew Information website did not require any individual password or employee user code logon for access purposes. Given corporate governance requirements and the need to protect employee privacy, this link must be removed.

Those employees who have never accessed RailTown (RIA) will need to have a password reset. You will receive your password with your pay period 10 (May 15) pay advice. You will need to change this password when you first log on to RailTown (RIA). Your userid is comprised of your CMA logon id with an “a” at the end (i.e. SMI0123a).

For those users that have used RailTown (RIA) previously but don’t remember their password, you will need to contact the Company’s User Support Center (USC) as per the instructions below:

• Call 1-800-387-1833 (or 319-7777 in Calgary) and follow the prompts.
• When the USC analyst answers, tell them you are calling for your password for RailTown RIA access and give them your name, userid (CMA logon id an “a” at the end) employee number and manager’s name.
• The USC analyst will provide you with a temporary password (you will need to change this password when you first log on)
• Due to the high number of employees expected to call the USC during this transition period, you may experience a longer than usual wait time to speak to an analyst.

Please note that running trades employees will not permitted to contact CMC staff to secure information that will be readily available through our RailTown (RIA) site. In addition all inquiries with respect to individual user codes and passwords must be handled through the USC. It is important, therefore, that employees take this time to secure a valid user code and password, if required, in anticipation of the May 28, 2008 removal of the unsecured Crew Information link.

Steve Cavanaugh
Director Operations
Network Management Centre


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