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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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New scabs at the Petro-Canada refinery
Published: March 31, 2008
Source: CEP
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Montreal -- Further to a new complaint filed by the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) about the presence of scabs at the Petro-Canada refinery, a report shows five new cases of scabs at the refinery. “This once again demonstrates that Petro-Canada does not abide by the law. It is really unacceptable that a company of this size violates our laws,” says Daniel Cloutier, CEP National Representative.

The investigation was carried out after new complaints were filed by the union on the use of scabs by Petro-Canada. Last February, at least 26 scabs were identified in a first investigation report.

“We find it shameful, but management at the Eastern Montreal refinery has been bent on breaking the union since the start of the conflict. To that end, it is willing to go to great lengths and even to break the Québec law and jeopardize the safety of the refinery workers and of the population,” added Mr. Cloutier. “Those presently replacing the unionized staff do not have the same knowledge or expertise. You cannot ask someone to learn in a few weeks what we sometimes spent many years learning. And that is not taking into account the fatigue factor that contributes to weaken one’s judgment.”

Following a serious explosion at a BP refinery in Texas in 2005, public authorities found that fatigue was a determining factor in the accident.

“Presently, the managers and other persons running the refinery are working very long hours and many days in a row. We do not want to be alarmists but we are seriously concerned,” warned Mr. Cloutier.

Hearings will be held later this week
Further to the first report on the scabs, CEP had obtained an interlocutory injunction to force Petro-Canada to stop hiring the persons identified in the report. Later this week, hearings will be held on a permanent injunction and merits of the case will be debated. “We certainly intend to demonstrate our contentions and to get those scabs out of the refinery once and for all,” he concluded.

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