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Rail link to Peterborough one step closer as Province hoping on board
Published: March 28, 2008
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The Ontario and federal governments are working hand-in-hand on a number of major projects involving transportation, which includes getting a commuter rail link up and running between Peterborough and Toronto.

On Thursday afternoon, local MPP Jeff Leal told Peterborough This Week – which first reported the story online at – that the Province and the feds just agreed to share the cost of a feasibility study on the commuter rail link between Peterborough and Union Station in Toronto. While local MP Dean Del Matro wrote a comprehensive business case for the rail link back in October, MPP Leal says this study will be much more detailed, while still taking advantage of the work already done by MP Del Mastro.

MPP Leal notes the study, that should start within a month, will look at creating a business case for the rail link between Peterborough and Toronto, who the service provider could be, and also look at the issue of municipalities building their own rail stations.

“We expect this study to be completed in less than a year,” MP Del Mastro said in a statement released Thursday.

MPP Leal says the Province has agreed to put $195 million into the trust fund established by the federal government for transportation projects across Canada. But MPP Leal says the $195 million is earmarked for transportation projects just in Ontario.

That $195 million will go towards paying for the feasibility study. The money will also help fund extending a rail service from Bomanville to Toronto, and also start up a GO bus service from Peterborough to Oshawa.

“This service [Go bus service], while not a replacement for the commuter rail, is fundamental in that it demonstrates commuter service to Peterborough is not only viable, it is also a requirement of any future provincial transportation strategy,” MP Del Masto said.

This agreement between the province and the feds is something MPP Jeff Leal says they have been working for a number of weeks.

“It's very positive news for Peterborough. It goes to show you when you have quiet discussions and positive discussions, you can have a positive result,” he says.
MPP Leal says further details about the GO service will come from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.


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