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Published: June 5th 2012
Source: Richard Moffat - President Division 295


I can not tell you how proud I am to be a member of Division 295
Brothers and Sisters

Your united effort against Canadian Pacific Railway is inspiring and your continued solidarity is appreciated.

Tensions are High as we face drastic changes to our pension and working conditions. Please do not let these issues distract you from doing your job in a safe manner. Safety is above all the most important part of our job. Do not allow the company to put pressure on you to discard safety in the name of productivity. Please document any such occurrences and use witnesses when possible. Should you feel harassed in any way you should tell the manager that you are no longer comfortable with this conversation and the harassment should stop.

I can not tell you how proud I am to be a member of Division 295. Our efforts are amazing. All of you who I walked the line with I thank you. We must also send thanks to our Brothers and Sisters around the country who walked the same line.

We have been forced back to work by our government who supported the company to strip us of our right to collective bargaining. We are professionals and as such we will do our jobs in a safe and professional manner. However we will never forget the disrespect the company and the conservative government has shown us. We must meet this disrespect with professionalism, dignity and unity.

In solidarity,

Richard Moffat
President Division 295
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference



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