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A rail line was closed to train traffic Friday
after a train derailed east of Onoway.
(Wes Vaughan)
CN crews work to clean up the wreckage
site after nine rail cars and two locomotives
jumped the tracks east of Onoway
Thursday. (Wes Vaughan)

Train derails in central Alberta 
Published: June 13, 2008
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A railway line is closed to train traffic Friday after nine rail cars and two locomotives derailed east of Onoway, CTV News has learned.

The nine cars jumped the tracks around 11:30 p.m. Thursday due to unknown reasons, CN officials said.

The train cars came to rest on a piece of track about one kilometre east of Range Road 21 outside of the town of Onoway.

Some of the cars sustained substantial damage in the derailment.

Clean-up and repairs crews are currently on site, working to reopen the tracks by later this evening.

The reasons for the derailment are currently under investigation.

All the cars were empty at the time, CN officials said. The only spill came when some diesel leaked from one of the locomotives when it overturned.

There was no damage to the surrounding property and the wreckage remains on the CN right-of-way tracks.

Onoway is about 65 kilometres west of Edmonton.

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