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D1 & D2 payments correction for Hamilton Pool
Published: May 6th 2007
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It recently came to our attention that D1/D2 payments were being paid incorrectly for Hamilton Pool crews working in TCS service. Due to the profile the company was generating for TCS tickets the D1/D2 payments were being paid at Freight rates.

Your Local Chairman has contacted the company and the corrected the problem. As of May 3rd 2007 all D1/D2 are being paid at WayFreight for Hamilton Pool crews. 

To correct past payments the following procedure has been put into place:

bullet Go to screen option 17.
bullet Open each TCS trip prior to May 3rd individually.
bullet Change the train length by one foot or the off duty time by one minute.
bullet The above change will prompt the auditors to correct the D1/D2 payment to WayFreight rates.
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