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This is in regards to our ongoing discussions pertaining to the Wayfreight assignment working on the Belleville Subdivision known as assignment GTA6.

It is mutually agreed that assignment will work under the following conditions:

Terms and Conditions

The assignment known as GTA6 will operate with a Conductor and Locomotive Engineer between Toronto and mileage 129 Belleville Subdivision. They will not be required to do any work within the Toronto Terminal (i.e. get cars for the train from class yard or switch any customers within the terminal).

The assignment will operate from Monday to Friday inclusive with an ordering time of 1630 from the Toronto Yard GYO.

The assignment will be paid Wayfreight rates along with all conductor only premiums as set out in the current collective agreements.

The assignment will receive Initial time, 155 road miles and Final time per trip along with the applicable c-only payments (paid at Wayfreight rates), with a minimum guarantee of three EC payments (paid at Wayfreight rates).

In the event that the assignment is cancelled as per the collective agreement, the crew will be paid 132 miles at Wayfreight rates.

In the event that there is in excess of 25 cars to be yarded or lifted at Oshawa South Yard a required brakeman will be ordered to work with crew. The crew will work under the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The signatory parties to this agreement understand that this agreement is entered into on a without precedent prejudice basis and agree that this agreement will not be used by either party for any reason without the express written consent of the other party. Either party may cancel this agreement after providing thirty days written notice.

This agreement will become effective on the date of signatures.

For the Company

Marc Waver
Yard Operations

For the Union

Bruce Hiller
Local Chairman CTY

John Campbell
Local Chairman TCRC Engineers

GTA 6 WayFreight Agreement Intent


1. More then 25 cars for Oshawa South Yard, means having crew double a cut in or out of Oshawa yard track, requires a trainman.
2. Any yarding instructions in Oshawa South Yard other then the crew yarding into one track and pulling one track will require a trainman.
3. Crew must only set off and lift in Oshawa South Yard, siding or Back track at Oshawa.


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