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Train derails in Burlington
Published: February 18, 2008
Source: Staff
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A freight train derailment near Burlington caused major problems for GO Transit and VIA Rail riders Monday.

Twenty cars came off the CN Rail tracks just east of the Aldershot GO station at about 1am. According to crews on the scene several of the cars were tankers but police said they weren't carrying any toxic substances. Burlington firefighters joined CN Rail workers on the scene to determine that there were no safety concerns and no evacuations were required.

However the derailment did have a major impact on GO Transit and VIA Rail service.

According to GO all westbound trains from Union Station will end at Burlington station, with bus service continuing on to Hamilton and stops in between.

VIA trains headed to Brantford, London and Niagara Falls will either be replaced by buses or re-routed. Trains headed to Kitchener and Sarnia reportedly aren't affected by the incident.

There were no injuries reported, but a small storage building near the rail line was hit when the derailed cars struck it. A crew was planning to stay on standby near the scene as a precaution.



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