Expanded Crew Change Training – MacTier

Expanded Crew Change Point Training – MacTier North/South Territory

Mandatory Familiarization Trips Parry Sound Subdivision/MacTier Subdivision: ECCP

Running Trade employees will be responsible for ensuring they make arrangements for familiarization trip(s) onto the Parry Sound and MacTier Subdivisions , as follows:

• Familiarization under the ECCP will commence May 1, 2006.

• A minimum of 2 trips (one in each direction) and a maximum of 3 trips will be allowed for MacTier/Toronto crews on the applicable subdivisions between Reynolds and Mile 103.7 MacTier Subdivision, as per the local agreement on familiarization trips. All employees, while working a tour of duty will require 1.5 hours remaining on their clock to complete this familiarization. It is suggested that these familiarization trips be completed during daylight hours to best familiarize the employee but will be left up to the individual employee.

• Employees may decide to undertake this familiarization at their discretion, but should take the daylight and possible fatigue issues into consideration. All Mactier Running Trades employees must accomplish this familiarization before July 1, 2006. Regular (Toronto – North Pool) employees must accomplish their familiarization by July 1, 2006. For all effected employees, at either location, who have not made the familiarization trips by July 1, 2006, they will be removed from the working list at the Company’s discretion and will be required to undergo this familiarization under the direction of a Manager.

• All employees will be expected to take familiarization to Reynolds on the Parry Sound and on the Mactier Subdivision to the crossing at Mile 103.87(for familiarization purposes only). RTE’s will be required to communicate with the RTC/NMC Operations Manager or Montreal Operations Centre when they are making these trips, to determine the likelihood of the train will be delayed for meets or switching operations. If the train has work at , or will be delayed for meets prior to the limits of the ECCP, it may not be prudent to remain on this particular train for familiarization.

• The employee will be required to advise the applicable RTC to ensure that they are aware that he/she is on the train so the RTC can arrange for a taxi to meet them at the predetermined location. Employee board placement will be as per Local Agreements.

• Employees that have taken the familiarization will be required to advise the designated manager when they have taken the trips for record keeping purposes. A form will be developed to capture this information and upon completion of each familiarization trip, must be placed in the designated location.

• It is recommended that the Locomotive Engineer should operate the train during their familiarization trips.

• All employees must remain in the cab of the lead locomotive, and are responsible for the observance of operating rules, special instructions and other regulations.

Payment for training/familiarization trips

Employees that run long for familiarization purposes will be paid 4 hours at “other than RQ rates” per familiarization trip.

Employees who fail to familiarize prior to July 1, 2006 and are removed from the working list in order to accomplish the required familiarization, will be paid 4 hours at “other than RQ rates” per familiarization trip. Under these circumstances, employees will not be entitled deadheads from Toronto to Mactier and return. The Company will provide transportation to Mactier (for Toronto North Pool employees) or a mileage allowance may be arranged.

Training allowance for the crew members providing the familiarization will be paid according to the collective agreement, under training.

All other applications of the ECCP will be governed by the terms and conditions contained within the Collective Agreement.

This agreement is signed this 20th day of April, 2006.


For the Company:                                           For the Union:



(Signed)_____________________                  (Signed)__________________

T.L. Glad                                                      J. Campbell

Manager, Road Operations                             Local Chairman, TCRC-LE


(Signed)_____________________                  (Signed)__________________

D. Purdon                                                         B. Hiller

Road Manager                                               Local Chairman, TCRC-T


(Signed)_____________________                 (Signed)___________________

J. Poeta                                                       K. Knight

Road Manager                                              Local Chairman, TCRC-LE



                                                                  N. Morden

                                                                  Local Chairman, TCRC-T