ECCP letter regarding Run-Long familiarization

Mr. D. Genereux
General Chairman

Dear Sir;

This refers to the concerns you expressed during our recent meetings regarding the familiarization provided to employees for Expanded Crew Change points. In particular the situation where a conductor who had not been familiarized was asked to run long with a fully qualified Locomotive Engineer.

We agree that the provisions of the Collective Agreement have application in these circumstances and one member of the crew, as defined under the agreement, should be familiarized prior to a train crew being requested to run long in ECCP locations.

In the event an employee is not familiar with the ECCP territory, the Company recognizes that if they do not feel confident in proceeding on the run long portion, they will be afforded a pilot as part of their familiarization.

It is also recognized that some employee may feel sufficiently confident in their skills and that of the familiarized Locomotive engineer, to proceed in the run long portion without the need for a pilot. This practice will continue to be allowed as part of the employee’s familiarization, as long as they agree to proceed in this manner.

I trust that this clarifies our position.

Yours truly

J. Copping
Director Labour Relations