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Published: December 21st 2012
CP Rail


30 day notice on the following Local Rules

December 21, 2012

Mr. J. Campbell
Mr. C. Smith
Mr. D. Carron
TCRC Division 295

Dear Sir(s):

Please accept this formal notification that the Company exercises the 30 day notice on the following Local Rules for TCRC Local 295, effective with the crew change Sunday January 20, 2013.

1) Agreements Vaughan

2) Letter of Understanding Vaughan Yard

3) Agreements Belleville Run-through pools operating west of mile 199.5 Belleville Subdivision

4) Oshawa Letters of Understanding

5) Letter of Understanding Oshawa Yard

6) T25 (Trenton Turn)

7) Work/ Rest Home Terminal

8) Members filling Temporary Supervisor Positions

9) Home Terminal Rest-Toronto June 8th, 2009

10) Application of work rest rules as outlined in RAC/TC Circular #14 applicable to Spare Employees Transit Times going into service at outpost terminals

11) Local Rules Between Kawartha Lakes Railway and TCRC Division 295

12) Memorandum of Agreement between Canadian Pacific Limited and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers employed on the Toronto Division

13) Deadhead to outside points, Toronto Division 1, Oakville, 2. Oshawa, 3. Havelock including Peterborough

14) The agreement governing the deadheading of Toronto spare engineers required to relieve at outside points

15) Yard Service

16) 48 Hour Placement

17) Oshawa Yard

18) Herder

19) Short Turn Rule-All Districts

20) Main Line (Road) Service Local Rules governing Conductors and Trainpersons, District 1 and 3 Toronto

21) Metropolitan Toronto Agreement

22) Run-through Pool (Home Terminal Toronto) dated October 21, 1991 Road Decision Tables

23) Letter of Understanding between CP Rail and The United Transportation Union Local 416 Dated December 14, 2002

24) Letter Re: Missed Call

25) Letter Re Archived Rules

26) Archived Rules i) Language of Trenton Road-Switcher ii) Trenton Turn Road-Switcher iii) GTA 6 Wayfreight Agreement iv) 135 Agreement v) Cobourg Wayfreight Agreement vi) Letter of Understanding T15


Marc Waver
Superintendent Operations


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