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Canadian Pacific maintenance workers block a truck on a picket line at the Pare St. entrance of the company's St. Luc yard Thursday, May 17.Agreement reached
Published: June 6, 2007
Source: MWED
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At approximately 06:30 am today, June 6th, the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Maintenance of Way Employees Division reached tentative agreement with CPRail on a three year contract.

Talks began, with the assistance of federal mediators Elizabeth MacPherson and William Lewis, on Monday June 4th and carried on into the early hours of the morning both days.

" Though the issues on the table were contentious, both parties were committed to settling the dispute and with the help of the mediators, were successful." said TCRC MWED President Bill Brehl.

The TCRC MWED has been on strike since May 15th, 2007, which followed over ten months of bargaining and mediation.

The parties plan on working towards getting the employees back on the job as soon as possible while conducting a ratification vote, and are working out the logistics presently.

The parties also plan to meet later this afternoon to finalize language and then sign off, after which more details will be released.


We have tentative agreement
A message from Bill Brehl

June 6, 2007 Brothers and Sisters,

Today we reached a tentative agreement with CPRail. After working through the night again, at 6:30 am, we broke through and reached a spot that we could both agree to. We are returning this afternoon to finalize the language and sign off.

I don't have time to release all the details now, but it is a good deal and you will have a chance to ratify it in the near future. CPRail has indicated that they want to get you back to work as soon as possible and are working out the details presently. We have agreed that you should be back at work during the ratification process and so you will be, some time between today and Monday.

I want to thank the mediators Bill Lewis and Elizabeth MacPherson for their assistance this week, we could not have done it without their help.

Also Teamsters Canada President Bob Bouvier has my gratitude for his advice, his support and his friendship this week, while we went through these marathon sessions to get this done.

Your negotiating team has performed on exceptionally on your behalf. Jim Daniel from Revelstoke, Don Lesuk from Moose Jaw, JJ Spikula from Thunder Bay, Bill Brake from Toronto (by way of Marystown), Dave Scott from Montreal and David Brown from Hudson. These guys have been unbelievable.

And all of you who walked the picket line, and fought the good fight out there. You can hold your head high, there is money in this contract and some well deserved and long needed changes. Though the strike was hard, as all strikes are, we have come through it and are headed back to work while the contract gets ratified.

Thank you to all of you who stood strong. The complaints were few and the support was amazing.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay united

Bill Brehl


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