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SOSA Belleville Sub Pickets and Support 
Published: June 1, 2007
Source: MWED website
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Brothers and Sisters,

After consulting with President Bill Brehl and Brother Shane Brighton in BC, we headed out to a rural crossing on the Belleville subdivision, in Southern Ontario near Cobourg. No bells, no gates, clear sightlines, and around 2 miles each side of the crossing was clear and straight. WE WERE NOT standing inbetween the tracks, or beside the tracks. WE WERE a safe distance away, on a public road with our picket signs standing tall.

Our first train approached after some scabs and management were finished working a few miles away. They did not stop, as no one knew we were there, but they sure slowed down considerably, and showed their support as they were passing by. They proceeded to inform the RTC of our presence. Our next train due was one of the hottest trains on the CP system, CP 122, or the morning Eastbound Expressway. Prior to its arrival, the RTC (who support us) applied a rule 103g to our crossing, which is manual protection and, " The train or engine must not enter the crossing until a signal to enter the crossing has been received from the crew member providing the manual protection. " They stopped, and talked to us for 45 minutes before applying their rule 103g.

As they were leaving, 3 local Ontario Provincial Police showed up, and proceeded to tell us to beat it, that we were NOT allowed to do what we were doing. After a few phone calls, and explaining and showing them how we were picketing, they took our info, requested we be safe and don't start trouble, and left.

Next up was another hot train, CP 121, the Westbound morning Expressway. Another rule 103g. They proceeded to stop and chat with us, this time for 25 minutes before applying their rule and continuing their trip. For the most part, the concern from the running trades is that they are next in line for contract renewals, and they see how we are being treated.

With this, we called it a day, proud of ourselves. The RTC's know we are out there, the trains know we are out there, and they are protecting us.

Attached are photographs from today.

Chris Blaschuk
President / Webmaster / Strike Captain
TCRC - MWED Lodge 211


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