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Picketers arrested
Published: May 29, 2007
Source: MWED
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Brothers and Sisters,

Tonight while picketing at VIF (Vancouver Inter modal Facility) I received a phone call that CP Police were arresting some of our members at the Oxford entrance to Coquitlam Yard. I immediately headed over there to find 6 of our members handcuffed and surrounded by CP cops on CP property about 100 feet from the public road crossing where we have a picket line. I approached and was stopped by a cp cop who told me that I was trespassing and had to go back off of CPR property. 

I went back with the others on the line and started calling lawyers. I won't go into any more detail right now other than to say that they have been arrested for alleged "mischief" (the act of picketing is the alleged mischief). We will be with legal tomorrow and following their advice, we will release what other information we can.

However, I will tell you that we have the whole thing on video and I have seen it. All the members were peacefully picketing between the lines of a public crosswalk in front of CPR property (there is no injunction against picketing at this location). The CPR cops came in force and told them to move along or they would arrest them. Then they almost immediately began dragging them off the picket line and handcuffing them. The video has sound and none of the members were belligerent or offered resistance. However, there is one officer who forcibly wrenches a members arm way up at an unnatural angle and then viciously kicks him to the ground. It is horrible to watch. And then to know that the alleged offence is only "mischief" ( for being in a legal picket line) makes it doubly disturbing.

Again, I have to add that the video clearly shows that they did not offer insult, resistance or any violence. The same can not be said for CPRail's personal police force.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay united,

Bill Brehl

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