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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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Teamsters Union now represents the majority of workers at CNR
Published: August 29, 2008
Source: TCRC
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Over 3,000 Canadian National conductors, trainmen, yardmen and yardmasters have decided to join the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) by way of a Certification vote ordered by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB).

The United Transportation Union (UTU) was representing these workers until the vote ordered by the CIRB.

The UTU, a Union on the decline for several years, was torn apart by in-fighting and had already lost several thousand members to the Teamsters Union. They have thus become the best option for representing the remaining members who have been practically abandoned by their own Union.

More than 95% of the UTU members voted in favour of joining the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

TCRC President Dan Shewchuk said he was “extremely happy” with the outcome of the voting process.

“The situation previously being experienced has favoured the employer, to the detriment of the workers but that is now changing,” said Shewchuk. “With this most welcome addition, the Teamsters Union will represent over 16,000 workers in the rail industry and we are an unavoidable collective bargaining partner for the two major rail carriers in Canada, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific as well as the majority of the short lines in Canada“.

Teamsters Canada President Robert Bouvier remarked that almost all crafts in the rail industry will from now on be represented by his organization.

“These workers have chosen us because they know that we have the necessary resources and know-how to ensure their adequate representation,” he emphasized. “Our leading positions in the union movement, our active participation and our devotion to our members have become a magnet for all those who are poorly unionized or not unionized at all.”

With the addition of these workers from CN, Teamsters Canada’s membership has increased to 125,000 members. The Teamsters union is thus becoming the major negotiating partner in the Canadian rail industry.

CIRB Ballot Results

For further information contact:

Dan Shewchuk, President, TCRC

Stéphane Lacroix, Director of Communications, Teamsters Canada

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