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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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GO Trains on the rails this weekend for crew training
Published: April 17, 2008
Source: CNW
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Starting this Saturday, April 19, GTA residents may see GO Trains running on weekends at irregular times. These trains are being used to test and qualify new crews, as Bombardier workers will take over as GO Transit's crewing staff in June.

For the past 40 years, CN crews have provided excellent service on our trains. However with GO's growth and CN's desire to focus on its core business of moving freight, it has become essential to shift to more customer-focused operating staff. The Bombardier crews will be dedicated to GO Train service, and their training will be adapted for commuter train operation with a strong customer service component.

Residents of the communities in GO's service area, who may not be used to seeing GO Trains running during the weekend, should expect to see them starting this Saturday. Eventually, they will also see out-of-service GO Trains on the tracks on weekdays during mid-day and in the evening, outside regular schedules.

Motorists and pedestrians should be cautious near tracks and obey railway crossing signs and signals. GO will work with local police services to enforce rail corridor safety.

GO Transit is the Province of Ontario's interregional public transit system linking Toronto with the surrounding regions of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). GO carries over 50 million passengers a year in an extensive network of train and bus services that spans over 8,000 square kilometres.


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